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DSA of Klamath Falls: Response to January 6th

  DSA of Klamath Falls: Response to January 6th The events of January 6th, 2021 will be a hard reminder of the fragility of our democracy. The fuel to the fire is found in dividing people through mythological pasts, victimhood, conspiracy theories, anti-intellectualism, scapegoating, and toxic militarism. Instead of policies that lift up workers in a post-industrial world and enable union power, leadership has led them toward an ideology that ultimately is self-destructive. An ideology that inhibits social and economic progress, and divides society and the working-class by race, faith, and political mythology.  Our local leadership has shirked their duties as representatives; they must know that their presentation influences our political consciousness. It is sad that Werner Reschke has not only avoided condemning an attempted coup, but has been touting conspiracy theories, lifting up social media like Parler , and continues exacerbating division using race and mythological history
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KF-DSA response to the City Council Postponement of the Equity Task Force Resolution - 11/16

Democratic Socialists of Klamath Falls response to the City Council Postponement of the Equity Task Force Resolution - November 16, 2020 The reluctance of the Klamath Falls City Council to pass the resolution of the Equity Task Force on November 16 th , acknowledging racism and income inequality as a social crisis, was demonstrative of the lack of awareness of the lives of non-dominant groups. The reduction of social well-being to economic incentives confines individual worth to profits. Equity Task Force members stated that acknowledging and dealing with racism is simply the “right thing to do,” though if this must be reduced to economic motives, its passage would shine brightly on city visitors and leadership, enabling a more welcoming community atmosphere. Equity Task Force members and citizens presented documentation and heartbreaking testimony, yet still faced the reticence of the council. Their actions lend credence to the phrase “the fish does not know the water it swims in.” Re

Klamath Pride Gathering 2020